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February 01 2013

no matter
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January 02 2013

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December 31 2012

December 23 2012

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November 26 2012

October 16 2012

October 12 2012

October 08 2012

born with a reading list
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I'm a book geek
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"Lots of villages in the UK have turned red telephone boxes into mini libraries, just take a book and leave one behind."
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September 12 2012

August 20 2012

August 12 2012

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July 30 2012

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Sep 1

Bookcrossing mit Schlossbeleuchtung

12:00 Heidelberg Add this event to a calendar application
Die Heidelberger Bookcrosser laden ein zum überregionalen Treffen mit Aussicht auf die Schlossbeleuchtung.
Das Programm und die Anmeldung gibt es im Forum.

July 18 2012

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June 26 2012

June 25 2012

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